PSVR 2 Games 2024

Do you enjoy playing virtual reality games on your PS5 platform at home that allow you to explore the real world? The season of new releases and launches is upon us with the highly anticipated PSVR2 games 2024.

The upcoming PSVR 2 games are a perfect choice for an exceptional gaming experience for both VR players. Discover the best PSVR2 games that are confirmed to be launched in 2024. 

Key features of Upcoming PSVR 2 games that set it apart

PSVR was launched by Sony on 22 February 2023 for Play Station 5 home video gaming. The upcoming PSVR2 games are the upgraded version of the original PSVR, with more new features and improvements. Some of the key features of the PS VR2 include:

  • Innovative Controllers

The new Sense controllers in PSVR2 improve the accuracy and responsiveness of in-game interactions by providing haptic feedback, adjustable triggers, accurate tracking, and finger touch detection.

  • New Features

It will have new sensory features that include eye tracking that lets users communicate more intensely virtually with other players and also improves the overall gaming experience.

  • High Definition Visuals

It comes with impressive 4K HDR graphics at up to 120 frames per second displayed in high fidelity visuals on the two 2000×2040 OLED screens, which offers a perfect visual experience while gaming.

  • Better Tracking

You may freely explore virtual worlds because of the integrated tracking cameras and eye motion detection in the PSVR2 headsets. Players can enjoy a smooth and real time game experience due to these advanced features.

  • Comfort and Ease of Use

The headset has adjustable headset straps, vents for airflow to minimize fogging, and a light, balanced Fresnel lens for increased comfort. Its streamlined single-cord setup provides a more seamless gaming experience. 

Best PSVR2 games from the confirmed list in 2024

PSVR 2 Games
PSVR 2 Games | Yeahok

Some of the best upcoming PSVR2 games 2024 are introduced right here for you so that you can prepare for them in advance. 

  • Horizon Call of the Mountain

Discover a breathtaking universe in this unique PSVR 2 journey. You’ll be at home if you enjoy Horizon games. Prepare for traversing large mountain ranges, climbing, and using bows. It’s a great choice for showcasing the potential of PSVR 2 because of the amazing graphics. To further enhance your immersive experience, there are other intriguing features like in-headset vibrations and eye tracking.

  • Resident Evil Village

Prepare yourself for an experience like no other! With a free upgrade, Resident Evil Village delivers its survival horror experience to PSVR 2. Now that the game is in first person, the HDR OLED display makes everything appear remarkably realistic. In this eerie, gothic realm, shoot and interact with the Sense controllers. This one is for you if you enjoy thrilling cinematic moments.

  • Gran Turismo 7

Enjoy playing racing games? With Gran Turismo 7, the show must go on. To accommodate PSVR 2, the game received an upgrade, and it looks fantastic. The thrill of the racing will be felt in virtual reality, but a DualSense controller is required. Remember that only the races are available in virtual reality, but they look so amazing that playing them is a must to fully appreciate PSVR 2 games’ splendour.

  • Tetris Effect: Connected

Unbelievably, Tetris has become much more fantastic in virtual reality! The Tetris game Tetris Effect: Connected is unlike any other. It’s an auditory and visual feast with captivating music and graphics. The PSVR 2’s HDR display brings out the best in everything. You may receive new bonus modes and a peaceful, immersive Tetris experience for only $10. 

  • No Man’s Sky

You get to explore the space in virtual reality in this upcoming PSVR 2 game. It has already been a huge hit in VR and now gets even better with the release of a free PSVR 2 update. Take a space flight, discover planets, and take in the size of the cosmos. The Sense controllers are a must-try because they operate flawlessly,  for those who enjoy travel and adventure. 

  • Star Wars: Enhanced Edition

Love Star Wars? You should have this one. The first-person shooter game takes place in the Batuu wilderness which is a planet featured in Disney’s Star Wars theme parks. The PSVR 2 update that has been remastered is like a completely new experience. The high-contrast HDR images heighten the tension, and the haptics and force-feedback triggers give the weapons and tools a realistic feel.

  • Moss & Moss: Book II

Moss Books features a cute mouse hero and book 2 comes with fresh and exciting experiences These puzzle platform games have long been popular in virtual reality. They appear even sharper with the PSVR 2. This game is not too physically demanding and can be enjoyed while sitting anywhere. It’s best for kids who are curious about virtual reality and want to start VR gaming. 

  • The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead. Chapter 2: Retribution is a horror survival game unique to VR. It mixes a gripping plot with powerful shooter action, so it’s not only about horror. For fans of The Walking Dead and horror, the PSVR 2 version is a must-play because of the improved graphics. 

  • C-smash VRS

A unique VR take on a timeless classic awaits you! The sleek, futuristic design of C-Smash VRS evokes memories of the 2001 Sega arcade game Cosmic Smash. Reminiscent of a first-person squash game mixed with Breakout, it provides an enjoyable and immersive experience. This VR treasure is sure to keep you coming back for longer periods or shorter bursts of pleasure. Despite its apparent simplicity, this VR enthusiast must-try game offers a solo campaign, a relaxing ‘Zen’ option, and online multiplayer. 

  • Demeo

Have you ever wished to drag friends into a fantastical virtual basement? Demeo brings it about! This cooperative turn-based strategy game creates a lively, living environment out of your tabletop experiences. It’s like hanging out with friends, just with a little video game magic thrown in. It’s a fun way to spend time in virtual reality with friends, and it works on several platforms with campaigns modelled after Dungeons & Dragons. Demeo is your pass to engaging in tabletop gaming, whether you prefer single quests or protracted campaigns. 

Upcoming PSVR2 games list

PSVR2 games
PSVR2 games | Yeahok

Here’s a confirmed list of PSVR2 games for 2024


  1. Horizon Call of the Mountain
  2. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
  3. Resident Evil Village
  4. Resident Evil 4
  5. Demeo
  6. Moss & Moss: Book II
  7. Gran Turismo 7
  8. Beat Saber
  9. No Man’s Sky
  10. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2
  11. Firewall Ultra
  12. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  13. Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  14. The Light Brigade
  15. Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue
  16. Pistol Whip VR
  17. Cities VR – Enhanced Edition
  18. Cosmonious High
  19. Zenith: The Last City
  20. Tentacular
  21. After The Fall
  22. Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
  23. Before Your Eyes
  24. Kayak VR: Mirage
  25. Pavlov VR
  26. Puzzling Places
  27. Song in the Smoke: Rekindled
  28. Synth Riders: Remastered Edition
  29. Thumper
  30. NFL Pro Era
  31. What the Bat?
  32. Rez Infinite
  33. Tetris Effect: Connected
  34. Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition
  35. The Last Clockwinder
  36. Behemoth
  37. Altair Breaker
  38. Fantasvision 202X
  39. The Tale of Onogoro
  40. Another Fisherman’s Tale
  41. Gorn
  42. Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer
  43. Hellsweeper VR
  44. Ragnarock
  45. Runner
  46. Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending
  47. Sushi Ben
  48. Swordsman VR
  49. Unplugged: Air Guitar
  50. The Foglands
  51. Green Hell VR
  52. Synapse
  53. Journey to Foundation
  54. Before Your Eyes

PSVR 2 Requirements for Smooth Gaming Experience

PSVR 2 Games
PSVR 2 Games | Yeahok

The PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) has the following technical specifications


  • Display method: OLED
  • Panel resolution: 2000 x 2040 per eye
  • Panel refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz
  • Lens separation: Adjustable
  • Field of View: Approx. 110 degrees
  • Sensors: Attachment sensor: Infrared proximity sensor; Motion sensor: six-axis motion detecting system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer).
  • Cameras: Four embedded cameras for tracking controllers and headsets, and one infrared camera for tracking each eye. 
  • Feedback: Vibration on headset
  • Communication with PS5: USB Type-C
  • Audio: Input: Built-in microphone, Output: Stereo headphone jack

You need a PlayStation 5 to play PSVR2 games as it doesn’t support PS4. Make sure there are no barriers and that your play area is well-lit for the optimal experience.

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The upcoming PSVR 2 games are a must-have for every player looking to experience the ultimate level of virtual reality gaming. The suggested PSVR2 games 2024 in our list are the best chosen for you. Prepare yourself for exciting new experiences and an entirely new level of gaming delight with these latest virtual reality games. The upcoming PSVR2 game release dates are not yet announced for every game on the list so keep a check on the official website for updates. 

The PSVR2 price can be expected to start at $549.99. You can check the PSVR2 games reviews when they are launched or the reviews of the previous versions of remastered editions that will give you a solid idea if you should get the same. PSVR2 games are worth the investment with PS5’s advanced, immersive experience and smooth gameplay. 



Qns– How many PSVR 2 games are there?
Ans– The PlayStation VR2 presently has 232 games available. Sony claims that over 500 games are being developed for the PS VR2. There were almost 40 titles available at launch.

Qns– Is Half Life Alyx coming to PSVR 2?
Ans– An improved version of Half Life: Alyx is expected to be released in the summer of 2024 after the PSVR2 release.

Qns– Is Phasmophobia on the upcoming PSVR 2 2024?
Ans– The release date for Phasmophobia for the PSVR 2 has not yet been announced yet.

Qns– Is PSVR 2 better than Quest 3 through the lens?
Ans– The Quest 3 comes with a higher resolution and clearer lenses, but the upcoming PSVR 2 is expected to deliver more powerful graphics.


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